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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Wedding

I really hope I can capture the essence of this beautiful wedding day.  More so for me than any of you, but I hope in doing so I can share with you what a spectacular day this wedding was. 

The wedding was held in our home.  It was a small wedding with family and close friends.  What a perfect size wedding, and the fact that it was in our home allowed the guests and the couple to mingle and chat with everyone.  The sun was shinning, the weather was astounding, and those pesky black flies stayed away. (I live in the woods people they never stay away).  This gorgeous day was sandwiched between two weeks of rain, the Heavens were smiling upon us this day.

Waiting for his bride!

We really didn't rehearse the children walking down the isle.  Just minutes before we gave them some pointers and hoped for the best.

They did fantastic!  I loved that the children stood in for them.  They looked so sweet and they did so great!

Here is my brood coming down the isle.  I love that Buddy Boys has his hands in his pockets.  What a stud!

The Bride and her sweet father.

What made this day even more special is that my Hubby is the Bishop of our ward so he was able to marry them.  Really this was such a wonderful bonus.

Great job Buddy Auntie Nana is so proud of you, you did such a great job being the best man and taking care of those rings.  You are such a sweet boy!

As expected the sweet girls are all lined up in a row, smiling pretty and holding their poses!

And well the younger two.......they did really great as well.  I wish I new what they were plotting here cause it looks mischievous.

The signing of the marriage license.

And voila the wedding was superb!

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  1. Everything looks amazing, I'm happy to hear the wedding turned out so awesome<3



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