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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am momma - Boys Shirt Entry - Freezer Paper Stenciling

Here is the shirt I made for the I am momma Hear Me Roar Boys Shirt Contest.  I got together with a friend of mine Karlie and we made some sweet shirts for our boys.  Doesn't her little boy "J", make Buddy Boys look ginormous?  Can I just say here that Buddy Boy's Birthday is this week and he turned three, Happy Birthday to my "Big Boy" (he hates it when I call him my baby). 
First things first.  I used Picnik to create the image that I wanted to use to make his shirt.  There are so many options that you could spend the day making some cute designs.  I saved the image onto my computer and then opened a Word document and re sized the image to fit both shirts and simply printed them on white paper.
Because there are some overlapping images I simply traced the different layers of images onto the freezer paper.
I used a little crafter's exacto knife to cut out the image from the freezer paper.  Make sure to put a self healing mat underneath your design or your hubby may get really angry when he sees what you've done to the table top.
Simply iron the freezer paper onto the shirt where you want the image to appear.
Apply the fabric paint using a paint brush and always brush towards the centre of each cut out so you don't push the paint under the freezer paper.  That would cause the image to not come out as you want it to.
Once the first layer of paint is dry, (my paint's instruction said four hours, but I used my hair dryer to dry it up and it was dry enough in a few minutes) iron on the next layer of words onto the shirt where you want them to appear.  Apply the desired paint colours to your stencil.

Once you pull away the freezer paper you can really see your image coming to life.
The last step was to cut the rock out of felt.  I found this grey felt at Michael's Craft Store and it had a rock design already on it.  It really made the shirt pop and come to life.  I sewed it on with yellow thread to accent the rock. 
Don't you think Boy's Rock!  I sure do.


  1. I love the felt rock ... my little guy would love that shirt! Very clever!

  2. You got that right! Boys do rock- the shirt is TOOOOOO cute!

  3. I LOVE IT!! It turned out so great! Great Job Nanc! That last picture just makes me happy.. haha!!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!! so cute!!! i saw you in the contest linky party

  5. So cute! And yes, boys rock! I had no idea you could use Picnik to create stuff like this--another way for me to spend to much time on the computer!

  6. That is pretty cute and cool! You are pretty darn creative!! ;-)

  7. So darling! I saw the shirt on the link up! Super Cute Idea!!


  8. Adorable shirts! Of course boys rock... especially those 2 lil cuties you have there :)

  9. Very cute! I love that you made matching ones.... stopping by from the link up!

  10. Very clever! And boys DO rock :)

  11. I love it! And yes, boys DO rock... I've got three of them!!
    I'm your newest follower- hope you'll stop by my blog too!
    Laurie :)

  12. turned out AWESOME! love it!



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