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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Make it Do!

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.  I remember this saying from elementry school.  This was long before recycling really took off, it was more about the money saving aspects of it all.  (Did I just date myself).
Anyways we've recently built our home and have a ton of work to do on the landscaping.  This wheel barrow is definitely a necessary tool in our landscaping adventures.  We couldn't do a whole lot with out it.  As you can imagine we need tons of tools and equipment which we have been trying to acquire over time to do the job right.  So the big question when this handy dandy wheel barrow was sent our way was do we invest a little TLC and give it a face lift or let it go and get a new one.  The rust was starting to take hold.

I took a quick trip to the hardware store, priced out a wheel barrow (way more than I wanted to spend) and checked out the spray paint (on sale that day for $4 a can) can you guess which option I chose?  Let it be known here that I loved the colour of our wheel barrow and wanted to keep it the same but the outdoor spray paint that was on sale limited my options.  That and it's my hubby's barrow so he got to choose the colour.

This project is so easy.  Just wash out the old stuck on dirt and let it dry.  I used grocery bags and taped off the handles and then went at it with the spray paint in no particular order.  One can pretty much did the job.

 So what do you think.  Not bad for a $4 fix, eh!


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