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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ruffle Layered Skirt

I had eyeballed these ruffled skirts a while ago.  Then a good friend of mine Jackie O had made them for her grand children.  They were so adorable.  Since I don't have a surger I asked if we could have a play date when her life slowed down a but.  Of course she obliged!  Thanks Jackie I had a great time and these skirts are adorable.

Here is Coconuts and her sweet friend Charlie, she lives next door and they play all the time.  They have the sweetest friendship, when we moved into the neighbourhood three years ago Charlie and her sister came over to say hello.  They might have known a hand full of English at the time, and Coconuts new not a lick of french.  But these girls have grown a little friendship that they had to really work hard at in the beginning to understand each other (I played translator for a while).  Charlie now speaks wonderful english.

Anyhow Jackie and I made the blue one together but didn't have time to get the yellow one started that night.  It was late and I went home.  Sweet, sweet Jackie did up the yellow one for me that night and brought it to church to me the very next morning.  I left her house around 9:30 pm.  She must have stayed up late to get it done for me.  Thanks Jackie for being so sweet to me.

The best part of having a little girl is that they love to play dress up and take photo's.  Here are my sweet models who loved having a back to school photo shoot and model the ruffle skirts.

If you are wondering where I got the tutorial from it's a Dana made it tutorial.  Thanks for reading my blog.


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