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Thursday, October 28, 2010


OK so apparently I lied. There are going to be a few more Halloween posts. Initially I didn't think I'd get to the making of my kids Halloween costumes. It's tax time and well this week I pretty much worked two full time jobs, so costume making initially just didn't make the cut. But low and behold I found some time. My kids are going to be Jessie and Woody from toy Story. We tried to use what we had in the house as best we could but I just didn't have cow chaps for the Jessie costume. We got the pants at a local thrift shop and bought some fabric paint and here you have it. I cut the crotch out to make them into chaps. I didn't quite have enough time to properly hem the pants so I just folded them up and stitched them with my sewing machine.
This cowboy hat I got at the dollar store for maybe two bucks at the most. It was perfect for this costume. Can you believe it was actually in with the Christmas stuff. Love it. I then took some white yarn and sewed around the brim to make it look more like Jessie's cowboy hat.

Well there you have it. I'll post the pictures of my kids in their costumes when they are done. I still have to paint the back of these chaps in cow print. I think I'm addicted to fabric paint. My mind is wondering to all the fun stuff I can do with fabric paint.....



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