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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Groomsmen Ties & Vests

There were two of us sewing for this wedding.  I had the easy job of the dresses for the girls and the ties for the boys.  Sue's sweet, sweet mother had the difficult task of sewing her wedding dress, (phew I could have never taken that on) and the boys vests.  Don't they look handsome!!

I love the above picture of Tato, we had just put the binoculars away that he wanted to play with and was letting me know that under no circumstance was he going to pose for this picture.  And as Auntie Nana's should do, I quickly informed this sweet little boy of the impending cupcakes (you got it I bribed my nephew) and he quickly decided he was game on.  He & I had some funny conversations while he was here  I love that boy.

I made the ties with a tutorial I found online but the link no longer works for me to share it with you but there are tutorials all over the blog sphere to use.  Isn't my buddy boys handsome!

I loved that Sue's mom took the creative liberty to insert super hero fabric into the inside of their vests.  Seriously when Buddy Boys got his vest he asked "Papa" (John, my kids call him Papa too) if this was his to keep.  Papa told him it was and in his four year old mind I'm sure he thought he was invincible now.

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