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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Bride's Dress

This is going to be a "Blog & Tell", sort of like the old fashioned show and tell.  You get it!  This is where my expertise steps out and her Sweet Mother's steps in, she made her dress and it was beautiful.  She did such a great job on it and so I'm going to brag about it for her here. 

Her jewelry was her mothers as well, it's something "Old", "Borrowed" and "Blue" and it's a perfect piece of jewelry too I loved it.

I loved the little added touch of colour to her dress and the rhinestone jewel in the front.  It was a sweet touch to the dresses simple elegance.  

Here is the ever so talented Mother of the Bride dotting on her daughter.  I love this picture.

The dress was sewn perfectly and fit her so well.  Oh the day was just wonderful in so many ways, all the details just came together so seamlessly, especially in the dress.

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