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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tohoku Bridal Tote

When you buy fabric to make three dresses you clearly wind up with extra.  I had wanted to try to make the tohoku tote from I am Mama for a while.  I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try it and make Sue a tote for her to use on her wedding day.  The tutorial was simple to follow.  I took a few liberties when sewing but it looks the same finished.  I really want to make one of these for myself now it's really cute.


  1. ooo I want one too lol. How long did it take to make. It looks awesome!

  2. It didn't take that long to make over two evenings and it was done. I don't remember how many hours it was.

  3. Great job! That blue floral is fun, too. What a sweet wedding present - something blue! Thanks for sharing this with me. You rocked it.


  4. It looks fantastic Nancy !
    I Love the colour choice & what a lovely way to carry the memories of the wedding with you !

    Siubhán x



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