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Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Girl Brides Maides Dresses

The first thing John & Sue asked us was if they could have the wedding at our home.  Of course I was thrilled with this and we were happy to oblige.  Then the wedding planning started and Sue and I were off to Fabricville to pick out fabric.  She chose this summery floral print with a vibrant blue accent colour.  She asked if I would make these dresses for the girls.  

I was totally freaked out cause if she had seen the black dress I made Coconuts she wouldn't have asked thrilled and happy to take it on.  When it came time for the zippers I really was worried cause that is what I botched on Coconuts black dress.  I made round one of the dress and had a fitting with the girls.  The dresses were too big on all three of them so I had to re-adjust the bodice and take in the sides of the dresses to make them fit.  And they fit them like a glove. 

Here they are on the wedding day Bella, Coconuts and Duck and they looked stunning.  They loved their dresses and they knew they were made especially for each of them and they were so happy to be in them.  Sue you picked out the right fabric the girls looked stunning!


  1. I am super impressed Nana.......those dresses are just stunning!!!!! I'm sure that Sue was thrilled with the outcome. You are super woman indeed and I'm sure your brother was over the moon at everything you did to make their day super special. I'm so excited for the 2 of them......

  2. Lol...I would have asked you to make them anyway! The dresses were beautiful, the girls (and boys) looked amazing, and the day was perfect. We couldn't have done it without you....can I marry you too??

    ~i love this site~



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