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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Photograpy

OK so I love photography but really I'm about as amature as they come, however the heaviest task that was mine at this wedding was just that.  I really loved this responsibility the most.  Here are my faves.

Any wonder why this one is one of my favourites?  You got it, it's my handsome little monkey.

I really love the candid shots the most that tell the story of their special day.  I love them way better than the posed shots.  I love that I caught this picture of her father and mother.

Seriously this may be my absolute favourite of them all.

See this little boy, he really had a great time at the wedding.  Notice he started the afternoon off at the cupcake table, he was eyeing those things from the start.

He and I had some really funny conversations over the weekend. 
Auntie Nana: "I love you little buddy"
Tato:  in the sweetest voice ever "I love you too"
Auntie Nana:  seconds later "Your such a handsome boy"
Tato: "Thanks Nana"
Auntie Nana: seconds later again, I know I should leave the poor boy alone "Your so handsome I love you little buddy"
Tato:  "Please stop"
Auntie Nana:  got it

See I told you he was a sweet boy, man I love that kid.

Please note Tato's sporting a cupcake, yup you got it this boy was on a mission to take those out one frosted cupcake at a time.  (Oh and he may have won too!)

As we were leaving the lake and it was just me and the bride and groom taking pictures, the kids are up ahead.  Buddy boys starts freaking out.  He took one to the forehead from his cousin.  Need I explain he clearly didn't like it.

Oh I really loved this camera and the fun things it could do.

I loved how they just had fun on their wedding day!

The kids loved this part of it!  All dressed up yet having a blast.

My brother and I, seriously my hair is not red what's up with this.

I love this one!

Tato hanging out on the front step with papa's phone.

Papa's Shoes and Tato's "Papa Shoes"

Sue and her brothers just having fun, oh and John creeping in the back!

Really fun, and maybe sometime soon I'll get me a fancy camera too!  I really liked playing with this one way too much.

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  1. Awesome shots Nancy. I love the one where they are kissing and all the kids have the crazy poses. It's awesome!



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