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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Women's Health Handout

I was asked to make a handout for the Women's Health activity we are having at church this week.  It's all about taking time out for your self, pampering yourself and nurturing your spirit.  So what do you do when your asked to make a handout?  Well you get your besties to get on board with you and they comply.  I love that time with my friends just chatting, thanks Liz and Monica for coming to my rescue, I really needed the help and sure do appreciate your friendships!
We decided to keep these handouts simple.  Monica had a bunch of tags already cut out so we simply embellished them.  There are three handouts to choose from.  Two scented bath salts, Lavender and Mandarin Lime (that one is fantastic) and we have an oatmeal bath soak for those with sensitive skin.

These are a fun little gift and could be given as a hostess gift too, or just because.  I know I would love one of these anytime.  Now go do something just for you!


  1. They look wonderful. I did offer.

  2. Hi Nancy~

    Love your ideas!! Would make great teacher gifts also. Thank you for linking to my K.I.S.S. Blog Bash, I so appreciate your creativity. I have featured you as My New Neighbor on the Blog, please drop by & see...


    Drop By The Tattered Tag



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