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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heart Patch

Does anyone else out there mend their kids clothes.  My girl is growing like mad the last few years she starts out the year in one size pants and finishes it the next size up.  I got these jogging pants for her last Christmas. 
 I got them a bit big so they would last her the year.  They were her newest, cleanest best fitting pair.  But low and behold she trips and takes out a nice little chunk of her pants.  Really honey couldn't you have done that to the high water ones that don't fit you?  Other than the hole they were really comfy pants for her.
I decided to make a little patch for the hole.  I printed off a heart in word as a template and cut it out of felt.  I added a little button to make it cute and then sewed it on with some thread

Voila we have a cute patch on her pants.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Being Featured

My blog is being featured over at the Tattered Tag as the the blog on the block.  Go check out her blog it's fantastic.


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