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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bob the Builder Party Favors

Buddy Boy's is having his third birthday soon and this will be his first party with little friends. We've been talking about having a Bob the Builder party for quite some time with him and he keeps asking if today is his birthday. I guess I should have waited a while to tell him about it since he really doesn't get the concept of time frames yet. Either way he thought these crayons were really cute when I made them and is getting really excited for his party.

I simply cut the card stock to fit the cellophane bags I had purchased. I then created and printed directly onto the yellow card stock the wording I wanted to use. I think his party favors are super cute. I'm going to make some kind of note pad to go along with it, cause doesn't every good carpenter need a note pad too!!


  1. These are adorable Nancy! I'd better not show Dale or else he'll be wanting me to make him a set! LOL

  2. Those are really cute crayons! And it seems pretty easy to do! Thanks for the idea.

    PS: love my cards! Thanks.

  3. Thanks gals, Terri I'm glad you got them and are enjoying them.

  4. These are adorable! Great party favor...hmm will have to bookmark for possible 3rd birthday idea for my son!



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