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Monday, February 21, 2011

The power of a woman's touch - Craft Hope

It's always amazing to see what a few women can do when we are united together with purpose. This most recent Craft Hope project was simple in nature and required little effort to make it come together, yet in the past I have let so many other Craft Hope projects slide by without participating. My excuses were, too tired, too busy, not enough time, don't want to fail... you know all that negative self talk (why do we do this to ourselves anyway?). This time I didn't want to let it go, so I rallied some of you amazing women in my life and together we were able to accomplish something so simple yet will benefit other woman in their time of need.
The amazing thing is that ten women in a particularly challenging time in their lives will be able to give birth to their child in a healthier, cleaner environment and then swaddle their new baby in a soft hand sewn blanket that was made with love. Something I definitely took for granted when I gave birth to my two sweet children.
I couldn't have done this project with out the help of many hands and hearts. Thank you to all those of you who helped me make this happen, from sewing up a storm, collecting all the items to the financial donations to help ship the box of goodies where it needs to go. I feel so blessed in my own life and am grateful to share a little hope with someone else. The kits had a preset list of items that were to be collected to go into them and we fulfilled that list. However I have a wonderful friend Amy over at AppleCheeks who manufactures reusable diapers. Her company graciously donated one diaper for each of the ten kits. I was really excited about this little added touch to our kits, thanks AppleCheeks for your generosity!!The box was shipped out today to make the March 1st deadline. I look forward to the next Craft Hope project.


  1. Awesome Nancy! Thanks for letting me be a part of this! ANYTIME, count me in!


  2. You never cease to amaze me on so many levels!

  3. You are a woder Nancy...I hope next time around I remember long enough to be able to help. My memory sure isn't what it use to be. How kind and caring of you.

  4. Thanks for letting us be a part of it Nancy (however small). I feel like a better person just being your friend.

  5. It's fantastic that you were able to get your friends involved in this project and multiply your own generosity! Great job! :o)

  6. I serve on the women's health committee and board of Konbit Sante and want to extend my thanks to everyone for participating in our safe birthing kit project. I look forward to distributing the kits to the trained birth attendants in Haiti--and I promise photos on the Craft Hope and Konbit Sante web site. If you haven't already looked, do check out for a look at our many health and infrastructure projects in Haiti. And again--THANK YOU!



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