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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Crafting - Day 8 Felted Snowflake Ornaments

I have lots of fantastic crafty friends who love to share their talents with me. One friend in particular who shared her knowledge with me just last month, (and let me buy into her stash of goodies) is Teresa. We had a girls crafting day at Church and she put on the workshop on felting. I made my first snowflake that day. I have since sat down to make a bunch more out of necessity. You see this year Coconuts decided she wanted her own tree in the toy room. I agreed to it but told her we were not going to buy a whole extra set of decorations. Grammy gave us some old ornaments and beads she had but I still felt as though the tree was missing something. This is where the need for awesome felted snowflakes came in. Supplies you will need:
Foam block
Felting Needles (A regular needle will not work for this)
A cookie cutter in the shape you desire
Fleece (the fibers used to felt)
First you will break/tear a peace of fleece off and pull the fibers apart.

Stuff the cookie cutter as evenly as possible so that the ornament is the same thickness all around.
This is the fun, therapeutic part. Just stab the fleece all over. Make sure to go around the perimeter and all in between.

Can you see the one edge of the snowflake that is felted. It really compacts and brings the fibers together.
Once it is all felted down you actually need to pull it away from the foam block. It will be felted to the block so pull gently. Flip it back over and place it back into the cookie cutter and felt the other side of it.
This is the most important step. Be sure you have a mini-me crafter extraordinaire to help you make them. We were skipping out of Church that day cause Coconuts wasn't feeling well so it was the perfect project to keep her mind off how terrible she was feeling.
The final step of course is to put them all over your tree. I may embellish them with buttons and ribbon to hang them but I haven't decided cause I kinda like the look of them just leaning into the tree. What do you think, leave them or add embellishments?

I really like how the tree turned out and can I just say that this project cost me about $2 just to make the ones that are on the tree. I was really impressed with that savings.

Happy Creating, Meaghan, Monica and Nancy

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