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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Storage Shelves

Do you remember this?
I'm sooo trying to ignore, forget, deny, evade.
It's the project I seem to always put at the bottom of my to do list. It's one of those "it's going to take so much work and the kids are always doing a number on it" kinds rooms that I find other projects that take it's place. These shelves have been in my garage for most of the summer and now I really needed to get at them. I had my hubby and his BFFC (best friend from childhood) make these for me. (Do guys refer to each other that way?) Who knows. They are a project that I got off Ana White. I love her creativity. They cost me a little bit more than the price she quotes there. Probably the difference from US to Canadian funds. So they are primed twice and have one coat of white melamine paint on them. I'm going for durability since Buddy Boys tends to be on the war path with everything he touches.
I'm well on my way to getting a handle on this toy room. I have yet to find cute baskets to put on them. That will be my next project.

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