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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Toy Room Revamp

I feel like I'm airing my dirty laundry here but know you know my kids play room is a DISASTER! I think that the word disaster doesn't even come close to really letting you know how I feel about this space. I'm still not sure if the English language has the appropriate word to describe this space. I dread coming home from work to see what kind of work the kids have done to this room. Well Coconuts is in school so really it's Buddy Boys that does the real damage. Can you blame him though. There's no seating to watch movies, there are two large toy bins that everything gets dumped into so I guess in order to find what he's looking for there has to be a large extrication of the toys hence.....DISASTER.
I have big plans for this space. Much of which is already underway. I have seating plans from Dana Made, storage plans from anna white, plans for wall art to make it more inviting. Keep checking back as I turn this room around and make it an inviting place for my kids to play.

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