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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Organization Makes My Heart Dance...

Finally there is progress in the Toy Room, the shelves were done last week. It only took about six months to get from the time we purchased the lumber to this stage, but boy does it feel good. I'm not sure if you feel the same about organization but when my house is in chaos my mind is there too. It must be a mother thing. Let me tell you I was doing the inner joy dance last night. I have plans for wall art and these two picture frames are going to be going on the wall with some other decorative stuff I have planned.
Take a peek inside I just love it when like things are stored together in their place. Really I should be a professional organizer it really gets my going.
So what'cha think??
Way better than the toy room chaos that has been my life for the last year. We've lived here one full year on November 19. I've got the seating to get done and some other small projects for this room but I'm finally not dreading it anymore....


  1. This looks awesome Nancy! You can totally come and take over my basement if you want to hone those wonderful organization skills. The kids must LOVE it!

  2. Totally loving it! Someday....someday I will see it in person! LOL

  3. Looks great! I'm like you, I can't hardly function in clutter. I love it when things are clean and organized.

  4. Looks fabulous! I too feel like a complete basket case when there is clutter. Or like a bigger basket case. I think I'm always a bit off my rocker.

  5. Here is an idea I saw.... on the baskets they used for the toys, they tied with a ribbon a cute tag with a picture of what was in the basket. That way the kids knew what was in it and knew which basket it was to go back too.
    I'm happy to have come across your cute blog :)



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