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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comfy Cushions

Houston, we have progress in the toy room! I'm not sure if it's the full time job, the million other projects I have on the go, Christmas time just behind us, but some times progress is just slow and I'm feeling that with this toy room revamp. However I'm happy to report that the kids now have a spot for their little bums. I made these cushions which my children call Comfy Cushions from the Rollie Pollie pattern I purchased over at Made. Initially I found the pattern kinda tricky but once I conceptualized it in my mind it was actually quite simple.
I had actually finished Coconut's cushion earlier in the summer and the kids have had several spats over who actually gets to sit on it. Technically it is hers but during the day when she is in school that is where Buddy Boys has his afternoon nap. (Yes they are just that comfortable!)

There is going to be many a movie watched from the comfort of these two cushions...I can feel it already.


  1. You got them done!! They look great!

  2. They look great Nancy! I hope these kids realize what an awesome Mom they have!

  3. Love them. I have no idea how you accomplish as much as you do!!

  4. They are stuffed with shredded foam.



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