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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Because every good deed deserves COOKIES!

And not just any cookie, these cookies! They are so chewy and delicious. If you haven't tried them you must. Last Sunday as I was walking out the door for church (ignoring the weather man), I don't usually ignore the weather man but really 10 cm of snow he's been wrong before. It was calm out and not that cold, clear and mild. I was sure he was wrong.So off I go to church in my cute little heals, 3/4 length shirt, no jacket, no gloves, no boots Nada! Ten minutes into Church it starts dumping snow and it just keeps coming and coming. All the way home (did I mention we live out side the city where the plows come to us way after the city folks) as my children were falling asleep. I wondered to myself how I'm going to get my car into my long drive way that is not plowed and carry my children in, (did I mention they are both now sleeping), into the house ankle deep in my cute heals and not slip and drop them.
Can I tell you how relieved I was to see that my awesome neighbour from around the bend came over with his ATV and plow and plowed me right out to my front steps! Seriously, a little bit of service meant a lot to me that day so cookies were in order!! If your neighbour shovels you out make them a batch of these bad boys!

1 comment:

  1. Made Them. Love Them! They were a hit at our house!



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