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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Harvest Social

We had an Apple Harvest Social at church last week. So I made this yummy Autumn Cheesecake recipe that I love. I don't make it very often but it's delicious. If you want the recipe click on the link and give it a try, you'll LOVE it.


  1. Umm...yum! Sounds good! I've been looking at cheesecake recipes lately so I can make one for Thanksgiving! Do you like this one better than a pumpkin cheesecake? I may have to try it!

  2. OH MY OH MY.
    That looks so stinkin good nancy!

  3. Becky I've never had pumpkin cheesecake so I'm not sure but this one is really good. I'm still thinking about that pumpkin dessert you gals had for us when we came to visit...that was good stuff!!

  4. Well, maybe I'll have to make BOTH! LOL It's not like my husband won't eat it! :) He's a sugar eating machine! If only I could eat like him! LOL Thanks for the link to the recipe! If I make it up there before the holiday season is over I'll bring one of those pumpkin cakes Darlene had...I think she just got it at Sam's! :)



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