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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Cards

Who in this crafty blog sphere doesn't like fun paper, or cards or hanging out with your girly friends? I have a group of my friends that get together for "Club". We have a stampin up demonstrator who comes along and we make fun cards and things. There's always yummy food too and we laugh lots and have a great time. Last month we made Halloween stuff. Isn't this a cute card with the owl peeking out.Coconuts loved this next one. I think I'll give it to her for Halloween cause there's no point in hanging onto it, it won't last for ever....
This one is my favourite one we did because there is a fun surprise inside. I might make this one for Coconuts to give her school friends for a fun treat.
See isn't it fun. Although if she's going to take it to school I think I'll change out the gum for some other more kid/school friendly treat. I think Mrs. G would want to strangle me if I sent all 23 kids 6 pieces of gum each. That may just be a recipe for disaster.
Oh and can you believe I've already started my Christmas baking. I'll post about that next....

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  1. You're cute!! Great job, those cards are awesome!



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