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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Halloween Goodness

Coconuts unfortunately had to miss her Halloween class party today. I didn't want her to feel left out so decided to make these for her to share with her class. I hope Mrs. G doesn't mind. We made a similar version of this at our card night this month. You'll see it on the last picture the green card with the witch. I didn't use my good paper for these cause frankly lets be honest. the kids just want the candy anyway. Monica once again came to the rescue tonight to share her talents, paper and stamps with me. TT (which is what I call her) never disappoints. We also had a virgin daiquiri to celebrate her biking accomplishments. Way to go TT!
Here's the whole lot of it. Notice the witch card on the end. These are fun and I sure hope Ms. G doesn't mind children hopped up on sugar tomorrow.
This is my last Halloween post now on to more festive stuff, including making that pumpkin jelly roll.


  1. Awesome job!!! Makes me feel like the projects we do in club are a success when I see you guys making them again. Thanks alot.....I'm sure the kids are going to LOVE those!!!

  2. Pretty sure you are the coolest mom, ever!



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