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My Blog Schedule

Alright so I'm going to try to have a schedule.  I will post what I can when I can (I work full time people and have two kids remember)....but when I do post it will fall into the following categories.  As you can see I'm still trying to figure out what I want my schedule to include.  Send me idea's if you have any.

Sunday - Gratitude Sunday - I'll share with you the things I'm thankful for!!  This world needs more people who are thankful for the things that are in our lives.  There are way more than we think and I'm going to find them in my own life.

Monday - Made by me Mondays - I'll blog some of the fun things I'm up to during my free time (really do I have free time lately).

Tuesday - Show and Tell Tuesdays (this is where I will let others come and share a tutorial or a post about something they have created themselves.  If you want to participate send me an email I'd love to have you.

Wednesday -

Thursday - Papier Thursday - I will share with you some paper crafts that I have done, it could be cards, treats anything paper related.

Friday -

Saturday -

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  1. Hey Nancy! Il absolutly LOVE yourte blog/website! It's awesome!



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