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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Potluck

What do you think goes down at the office when there's a Royal Wedding going on in the world.  A Royal Potluck that is!  Can I just say I have some of the coolest co-workers ever!  Check out this hat that Cory whipped up on her own.  Like the red hand sewn jewels on the flowers!  Love it!
The food was fantastic, although I"m sure that Will and Kate ate way better than we did it was still fantastic grub!  We have some of the best potlucks on the 16th floor. 
The guests of honour arrived dressed for the occasions, a Royal potluck just wouldn't have been the same without them.  Loved their attire and head gear as well!  Girls you stole the show.
The honorary couple arrived in true fashion in the form of a poster on the wall!  The invite did go out to them,  and unfortunately for us, someone else had already thrown them a huge party.  During our lunch hour we watched reruns of them walking down the isle, the buggy ride and other highlights from their big day!
She looked fantastic and we enjoyed the excuse to have a great time as well!


  1. This looks SO fun! Wish I worked with you!!

  2. How fun!! Now I am craving some good food!



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