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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meaghan Smith Juno Party and Giveaway

I got this picture from
Look at her, doesn't she just look absolutely stunning!!! 

So seriously what would you be doing if one of your BFF's Meaghan Smith was up for a JUNO?  Having a party right!  That's sure what we decided to do.  (For my US friends the JUNO awards are the Canadian version of the Grammy's, for lack of a better description.  Needless to say they are A HUGE DEAL!)
Monica, who is always the most gracious hostess, was putting on this wonderful event in her home.  We gathered a hand full of friends for an intimate little setting to ensure that we would all be able to really enjoy the evening with Meaghan from afar, and that we sure did.  Had we have had more room we would have invited all of you to join in this magical night!
I showed up early to help with the remainder of the food prep and to get the room set up, and lets be honest here, sitting at home waiting was just about killing me. 

What food do you serve at a Juno party you ask?  Well all of Meaghan's favourites that's for sure.  She knew we were having this event and had some input into some of the little details.  There was bean dip, guacamole, fruit salsa, black berries, cupcakes and rocca.  Also some yummy punch to tie us over to the big toast of the night later on!
We've got some "Champagne" on ice, (sparkling apple juice) but hey we can pretend right!  At this point we had stopped to take a minute to call her and wish her all the best, we weren't sure if we would get a hold of her but we did. She was in the middle of getting her hair done. Didn't she look fantastic!
Why do you ask are we breaking a wish bone?  Well this bone was left over from Christmas dinner.  Monica I'm still wondering why in March you still had the wish bone.  None the less we both made a wish (which I'm pretty sure was the same, for Meaghan to take home a JUNO)  so it really didn't matter who won. 

For the record the bone wouldn't break.  Even with Monica heaving on it with both hands.  I guess she just didn't need our extra luck after all.
The guests started arriving, but there was one of our friends who lived just a little too far away, in Oregon so we skyped her in and she was able to share this wonderful night with us.  Can't you just tell by her smile that she just had as much fun as we did.
We watched the JUNO pre show, and the red carpet event, of course with our eyes peeled to see "Our Meaghan".  Seriously Bryan Adams, did you really need to steal her thunder?
Through out the night we chatted, had a great time, but we also played "What d'Juno about Meaghan?" trivia.  It was lots of fun just chatting about her, and looking back on all of her accomplishments.  It helped make the night that much more magical for us.  Have you taken notice of our "star" theme for the night.
There were some gift bags as well to be given out, which were all filled with Meaghan Smith stuff, some of which you can see here.   There was a t-shirt, a signed copy of her first CD, a lovely bag she made, and some of her hand made cards.  Meaghan has creativity running through her soul!
Here we are waiting with baited breath for her category to be up and it is.  This is what it sounded like at our JUNO party when she won.

The energy in the room can't be put into words but I'll give it a try.  First of all Meaghan is one of our best friends.  She's kind and gentle, she's loving and cares incredibly about her friends.  She's down to earth and humble.  Her ability to accomplish what ever she puts her mind to and follows it through to the very end is awe inspiring.  She's there to cheer you on through the good times, and sends a listening ear through the bad.  She's the kind of friend you long to be.

When you have all that emotion in your heart for her already and then you are sitting there, in that moment, waiting for her name to be called and to see her dreams coming to life, the hair stood up on the back of my neck, my heart was racing and I felt like I was going to jump out of my own skin.  It was such a magical moment for her and for us as her friends to be able to share in.

Meaghan this toast is for you, with all the love we have for you, we are so proud of you and you deserved to win!
Since you weren't able to make our party I'm going to host a CD give away.  I bet I can even get her to sign it for you, but you'll have to send some extra special love her way for that.

If you want a chance to win a copy of her latest CD, you need to be a follower of my blog.  So come sign up and then leave me a comment that you are a follower. CONTEST CLOSED

You can get an extra entry for posting it to your facebook and blogging about it on your blog as well.  One entry for each one.

Hey and maybe I can even get Meaghan to pick the winner.


  1. Nancy, That video was great...I saw is on Facebook yesterday! Like I said...I loved hearing your reactions as much as seeing Meaghan's reaction on her face! I already bought Meaghan's music on iTunes but feel free to add me to the contest! I would love a signed CD! :) Meaghan, if you read this CONGRATULATIONS again! :) xo

  2. Great pics Nancy. I was so sorry that I had to miss out. Too many nights out and an exam coming up rather spoiled my plans. Didn't get much done at home other than pacing the floor (looking for the best spot for Ian to stand so we could get reception) lol! Was excited sharing in the moment with Ian but would have loved being there with you guys (although I am pretty sure I would have had to spend the night).

  3. AWESOME!!!! Wish I could have been there too!! You all are very very good fans!!! :) Miss you!

  4. Nancy This looks like SOO much fun! I too saw that on your Facebook. I was cheering at home and called her fans in UT {my fam ;)--} to let them know too! It was incredible! Thanks!!

    PS I also own her cd already, but I will post it on Facebook to spread the word!!

  5. Great blog post Nancy!

    You captured the night perfectly...I NEVER tire of watching the video clip of her winning. This is one of those moments that will be FOREVER embedded in my memory, kind of like " Where were you when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon" (I know you weren't even born then, but you know what I mean!), only this is better b/c I didn't personally know Neil Armstrong! LOL I truly believe that we will see her win many more such accolades, she's running with the big dogs now! I may have to get Dale to build her a trophy case!

    Thanks for all of your help, and for the laughs as always!

    Love ya,

  6. I'm so bummed I couldn't come to that!!!!! I was hooting here all by myself :( So fun times. I love how you went all out!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! That is so awesome and it looks like such a great party! I wish I could have been there. I would have loved to have seen all of your faces when they called her name. I saw it on your FB and I had to show Donny again last night. We LOVED it! It's soooo neat to see such a wonderful, deserving person like Meaghan win something like that! I feel cool just to know her! :) I love that you had Michelle on the computer. That picture was awesome and so were all the others. I'm sure this only added to the excitement for Meags! You are such good friends!
    I do not have her CD and I want it BAD!!! :) Please pick me. I don't know how to "follow" a blog, but I will figure it out. I have her Christmas CD and I listen to it all year. It would be nice to have another one! ha ha :)

  8. A perfect blog for a perfect night. It was so fun!

  9. like Karlee said, I feel cool just to know her! What a great accomplishment for such a great person! I enjoyed the pictures of the party and loved both Meaghans reaction and the reaction of her fans at home! Wow! I didn't get to watch the Junos until Monday night, and even though I already knew she'd won my heart was still racing when her category came up! I'm soooooo proud of her!

  10. What a blast! It was so much fun "hanging out" with you guys! Thanks Nancy! Now to plan a trip when I can hang out with you all for real...with Meaghan....I bet we have to jump through hoops to do that now! LOL. Perfect memories!

  11. What a great night!!! Is was so much fun hanging out with the girls and cheering on our Meaghan!!! No one deserves this more than she does. She is such an inspiration to me. She has to be the kindest and most caring and genuine person I know. She makes me want to be a better person. It is an honour knowing her and a true privilege to be her friend. Thanks Nancy and Monica for such a great night!!! Love you guys.

  12. Hey Lucy,
    One of my favorite posts of your so far!! I am sure it's from knowing so many of the people and feeling a little closer to home!! Love it!!

  13. Wow, Nancy! Thanks so much!!! I think this may be the first thing I have ever won!!! I couldn't ask for a better prize!!! By the way your site is amazing. You are so talented. I love the stuff you do. Keep up the fun work!!!!



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