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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Cupcakes

Alright so I totally had the opportunity to spend last night hanging out with some of the coolest teenage girls around.  The Young Women at my Church wanted to learn how to do some cake decorating.  I teamed up with "My Little Mama" Jenny and together we put a class on for them.

Jenny showed them how to pipe icing and gave them some low down on making an Easter bunny cake.  She made one as an example and it was fantastic.

Look at these girls, seriously don't you wish you were the one hanging out with them?  Sorry people I got to.

This one here has a contagious smile and totally got into making the fondant cupcake toppers with me.  She's a very talented gal, and her smile was contagious!  To boot she has a long drive from her home to come and hang out.  Loved that she's dedicated enough to do this!!!!

Check out these girls and their leaders.  I think they had fun too don't you.

Thanks gals for letting me hang out with you and share with you a little about what I also love to do.  Hope you learned something useful, but mostly I hope you had a good time, I sure did.


  1. Found you on a blog hop, followed <3


  2. You're so amazing that you can still find time in your crazy busy life to share your talents!



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