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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This has to be one of my favourite activities of this harvest time of year.  Getting together with my "Salsa Queens" and making a batch of this liquid gold as we like to call it.  I think I have become a salsa snob now because of how fresh and tasty this stuff is I refuse to eat any other kinds.

This is the job that I tend to end up doing.  Blanching and peeling the skins off the tomatoes.  I love  how they just slip off after 30 seconds in warm water.

The jars get put into the oven at about 220 degrees to sterilize them.  Of course they go in clean.

The tomatoes waiting for the big plunge.

Here is all the yummy goodness put together in one dish.  Note the Cilantro is the key ingredient and what makes this dish fantastic.

It then needs to be brought to a boil and then you can it.

My favourite part of  this event is when we make daiquiris and sip on them waiting for the jars to hit the canner and be processed.  Oh and maybe the bowl that we devour with some chips that never even make it to a jar.  Oh wait maybe it's hanging out with my favourite girls, Meaghan and Monica who are my partners in crime.  Yes that is my favourite part.


  1. Great post! Love this stuff, thanks for coming to my rescue this year!

  2. I love homemade salsa!! Follower from the hop, would love a follow back.

  3. I love this and this is true. You are very creative. Loved your last harvest post too.
    I would so love a follow back and a hi!

  4. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  5. New follower from, would love a follow back. I love gaining new followers, and feel free to check out my giveaways.

  6. You call yourself a salsa snob? So am I!

    Unless it is fresh, I call it "cooking salsa" (Like cooking wine--not that we drink it, but that it is only good for cooking with.) good for nothing but to be tossed into the crockpot with chicken. We are crazy for salsa in this home. I would love to try your canned salsa recipe next year, I need one that I can love.



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