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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Organizational Godess

Sometimes in life you need to get out your white flag and wave it around and just give in.  Give in to the fact that you just can't do it all on your own.  When this happens you hope that you've got some of your best friends lingering around ready to take that white flag and kick it into high gear with you.  This was the case for my craft/computer room.  This room was rebelling and somehow it got so out of control it looked like a bomb went off.  Thanks Meaghan your one of the best friends a girl could ask for and you've got mad organizational skills to boot.

I can't believe I'm going to really show you this.  It sort of feels like I'm letting you peek into the sacred drawer that holds my undies.  Well here we go.  This room has all the hand me down furniture in it, but it's also where I do our business books and craft.  It got so out of hand I've been avoiding it.  I haven't wanted to do much of anything in there and frankly this needed to end. 

Computer Desk Before

OK so that black shelf was one of the worst parts of this room for me.  It held a ton of crap we didn't really use but wasn't sure quite what to do with.  Let's be honest sometimes you just can't see past your own junk either so you stop trying.  This is why having someone else who's objective there with you makes this process way better and way quicker.  It took us four hours to do this.  It would have taken me four days if I had to tackle it alone.  Don't you love those cute green baskets!

Computer Desk After

Kids Craft Table / Filling Cabinet Before

My kids love to craft especially my daughter, she's a crafter in the making and I love it.  But this space just wasn't functioning for them either.  They didn't have any storage for any of their supplies.  They aren't allowed to use my good stuff so I have all sorts of things for them to be able to express their creativity I just didn't have it stored properly for them.  Now they have all sorts of storage.  I took my daughter down early this morning to show her and she was super excited to see it.  She loves that her space is organized just like Mommy's

Kids Craft Table After

Filling Area After

The main reason I couldn't face this place.  Let's be honest do you want to look at that mess when your wanting to be creative and make fun stuff?  Now you can see why I was avoiding it too.  Look at how nasty that black shelf looked.  Seriously it exploded with junk.

Craft Table Before

Now look at how fantastic it looks.  And that shelf looks really lovely now.  I'm planning on spending my friday night at that chair right there.  I have a card order to fill!

Craft Table After

Thanks Meaghan, I so appreciate our friendship and am really thankful that my life is enriched by wonderful friends like you who stick around and care about me enough to get down and dirty with me!!  I'm so looking forward to getting creative in this space again.


  1. Fantastic!!! Like Rock'em Sock'em good!

  2. Nancy, you know I love you! You are so kind and generous and do so much for everybody else I figured it was high time I did something nice for you. I can't wait to see the amazing things you create in your new space!

  3. Amazing and soooo inspiring. My room is in need of some purging and organizing....this makes me feel like it's possible! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It looks fantastic! Way to go! I'm with Meags, can't wait to see what your craft genes can produce now that they can see clearly!

    LOVE it!

  5. Good work. I love a clean room.



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