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Friday, August 27, 2010

Blueberry Goodness

Summer is my most favourite time of year to get creative. I love being outside, I love gardening, I love picking stuff. This is the stuff I happened to pick this time. We picked for several hours at a country farm local to my in laws place in the south shore of Nova Scotia. I also got stung by something funky and my hand swelled like crazy, (you should ask me what the benadryl did to me) but really that's a story for another time and place. Back to the blueberries. I've picked lots of stuff throughout my life but never blueberries. I'd do it again, only if what ever stung me promises to not do it again, oh and the old lady who own the place needs to not get so upset with me when I don't quite clean the bush off to her standards. It was my first time you know.
As my hand and index finger continued to swell and start to tingle I began cleaning the berries and getting them ready for the freezer. That's when I realized that I still had some Liquid Certo left from the strawberry jam I made earlier this summer. So that's when I though I'm going to try to make blueberry jam. The recipe I used is the one found inside the certo box. Doesn't it look so yummy!! Well let me tell you it was.
My finger didn't have much feeling in it by the end of the night but I wasn't going to let what ever bit me take me down. If any of you come for a visit I might give you a taste. I also tried a new Maritime Blueberry Buckle recipe. It was pretty darn good too.


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  2. Makes me wish I had blueberries here..YUMMY!!!
    Check out my new blog.

  3. Ummm... I need that Maritime Blueberry Buckle recipe! Can you send it to me or post it on here? I actually had a friend from Utah ask me for an authentic Canadian recipe for a missionary there that was heading out to Montreal. I had to google one! LOL

  4. Love homemade blueberry jam! I can't seem to keep the stuff in the house! I am glad you didn't let the sting get you down. My Granny makes blueberry syrup...which is just canned blueberries. Fabulous with fresh biscuits! Awww, now I am hungry! lol



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