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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Creativity here we come.

Ok so ever since I was a little kid I wasn't happy unless I was creating things with my hands. My mom was a single mom of three kids and had her hands full. She had a love for books, in particular do it yourself books. Everything from Gardening, decorating, woodworking, crafting, sewing and so much more, that was her passion. I loved looking over these books and dream of all the things I would someday love to create. Now because she was a single mom living on a meager budget I spent many years dreaming. Now that I"m all "Grown UP" (I realize that is subjective) I am blessed enough to have the time and a bit of extra cash to get my hands dirty, sewing, crafting, cardmaking or just creating what ever I want. This blog will be dedicated to my realm of creativity. So keep checking back to see what I come up with next. Let the creativity begin.....

Here are some really cute spring totes that I made for my daughter "Coconuts" and I. I originally was only going to make one for myself, but when Meags got me two sets of the tea towels while she was in the states. I thought I would take the same pattern and just shrink it and make it "cute girl" size. I found the tutorial for the spring tote from the home made by jill site. Here are the ones I made.


  1. i love the fabric, towels you said? Fabulous.

    found you at I am Momma... and then clicked on this page!



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